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Post by Beyonder on Sun Oct 30, 2016 8:13 pm

How can I support The Isle?

We are aiming for a Kickstarter to release Memorial Day weekend, Friday the 22nd of May.

When is the Release date?

First Quarter 2016 is the goal

What dinosaurs are planned?

Titanoboa, Therizinosaurus, Shantungosaurus, Puertasaurus, Gallimimus, Carnotaurus, Austroraptor, Quetzalcoatlus,
Tyrannosaurus. All models done by Vlad Konstantinov.

What is The Isle?

The Isle is a passion project by Don "Dondi" Wittich of Primal Carnage and Primal Carnage: Extinction fame. He made a promise to people to make a great dinosaur game and when he felt limited by what he could accomplish at Primal Carnage he branched off to create his own game in his own vision.

Can you play as a dinosaur? A human?


Will there be a playable demo?

Yes. The demo will include a playable human and T. Rex and will be available on our website. Also, FREE!

Will The Isle have mod support?

Yes, we aim to have a fully integrated Steam Workshop.

Is The Isle related to The Stomping Land?

No, we may have some of the dinosaurs from The Stomping Land, but they are very different games.

Will there be Official servers?

Yes. There will also servers hosted by you. These will fully support your mods, whatever you choose they are.

Will there be teams?

Yes. You can play with a team within your same faction, but you can also choose to be a lone wolf and traverse
The Isle alone accomplishing your own goals.

Can all of the dinosaurs evolve with these 'strains'?

At present only a few of the carnivores evolve with strains. A long term goal is to have each dinosaur evolve with strains.

Is this online, or offline only?

This will be an online game. The demo will be offline.

Will The Isle only come out on Steam/PC?


What kind of game is this?

The Isle is a squad based open world shooter. Work with a team on one of three factions to control and defend strategic territories  across The Isle or play as a dinosaur, organize hunting parties and claim the island for the beasts of the land! Watch out for rogue players whose actions can't be predicted. How will you play?

However that is just the base premise of the The Isle. The long term goal is to make a Dinosaur platform game with full Steam Workshop integration. This means any modder could create any game mode they would want (team death match, conquest, RPG, park builder, etc.)

We want to provide you with the tools to create your vision.

What engine are you using?


What sets The Isle apart from other dinosaur games?

Our title is intended to be mature in content.  You won't be able to ride dinosaurs or tame them. The dinosaurs on The Isle are uncompromising hunters who stalk and kill their prey. We aim to show  this in graphic detail. In addition, one of the human factions will be capable of demonstrating the darker side of humanity against other human players.

How large is the island?


How big will the servers be during Early Access/Final release?

50-100 people

How will humans be involved with the world?

There are three human factions each with its own motives for being on The Isle. Some exist to protect the dinosaurs from poachers. Others are there to recover the research lost when the dinosaurs broke loose. And still others are there for the sport of hunting big game dinosaurs.

Will there be VOIP, or some kind of in-game chat?

Yes, and we have some fun things in mind for the VOIP. For example, human players will hear other human players but dinosaur players will only hear static from a human player. Herbivore players will hear each other but human players and carnivore players will hear only the roars and sounds of the herbivores. Carnivores will hear their own species while others will only hear their roars.

Perhaps most interesting; every time text is typed in chat as a dinosaur player, the players dinosaur will make a sound.

Will dinosaurs have different sounds?

Yes. Each dinosaur will have different roars for different situations. For example, 'run', 'fight', 'stop'.

How will dinosaurs smell?

We are using the particle system in UE4 to show pheromones for dinosaurs to track.

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