Hello! I'm Beyonder!

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Hello! I'm Beyonder!

Post by Beyonder on Thu Nov 03, 2016 12:51 am

Hello the fine members of the Isle community! You may or may not have known about me but if you haven't I am a fellow player who enjoy's such survival games any questions? just ask! I am not a rude/ignorant person I love socializing with others especially about such a massive community as the isle is right now.

Why I created the site?

The major reason on why I created this website is to help support the game itself because of it's large fanbase why not create something for all the fans and supporters? the site is 100% free and doesn't need donations from it's members all we want is for a highly socialized community that is friendly and doesn't tolerate hostility.

Website goals?

The goal is basic and the goal is easy a community website that can last and help support the game.

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