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Post by Beyonder on Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:38 pm

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General Information

1. Never ask a developer like Dondi & Deathlyrage this is a fan forum. (Even if they do join DO NOT ask questions.)
2. Post in the correct forum boards they are created for this purpose for categorized order.
3. DO NOT provoke or continue a "flame war" (Ex. if someone were to insult you then inform a staff member.)
4. DO NOT spam the board with useless threads that aren't worth a discussion.
5. DO NOT advertise without informing a Administrator of your site content.
6. DO NOT post ANYTHING relating to porn doesn't matter if it's a link or image!
7. DO NOT insult or harass the forum staff team!
8. DO NOT link others to hacking or illegal websites!
9. DO NOT be sexist or racist such bigotry will not be tolerated we respect all types of people.
10. DO NOT try to belittle the game just because you want to be a douche bag! Feedback is fine but overall insulting the game is not tolerated.

Note: Members should use common sense, if something isn't specifically stated in the rules it does not mean you won't be punished for it.

Minor Rules

DO NOT backseat moderate the forum if you have ANY problem's report it or tag a Administrator/Moderator to handle the situation because this is our purpose.


Breaking rules of 5,6, and 8 may lead to a instant and permanent ban from the forum no warnings.


All members will receive 3 warnings ONLY! and if a User doesn't comply to what they were warned not to do then a staff member may directly ban them until they learn to respect others and this forum.
Global The Isle Forum Rules 321: You have no warnings!
Global The Isle Forum Rules 322: Warning 1!
Global The Isle Forum Rules 228: Warning 2!
Global The Isle Forum Rules 1104: Warning 3!
Global The Isle Forum Rules 229: Banned! (Permanent or not it may vary from staff.)

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